Gourmet Lisbon | The Ferreira's Travel Guide

In the episode Gourmet Lisbon from Portugal Gourmand’s web series, The Ferreiras visit all their favourite restaurants in Lisbon on their tour of the city to taste the best natas, Ginjinha, seafood and fish that Lisbon has to offer!

Stop 1 : Manteigaria Silva salted cod shop

Salted cod is part of Portuguese cuisine since the age of discovery. Portuguese people eat a lot of cod. In fact, it is possible to eat salted cod prepared in different ways every day of the year. The Ferreira family love M. Silva’s small cod shop. The owner and his employees know about this product like no other. We suggest stopping by this place and don’t hesitate to ask them your questions, they are super nice!

Stop 2 : The restaurant A Cevicheria

At A Cevicheria, you can eat ceviche! (duh!) In fact, they are absolutely delicious! This small restaurant is famous for its refined decor and the gigantic octopus hanging from the ceiling above the bar. We suggest eating at the bar to see the cooks at work.

Stop 3 : O Mercado da Ribeira market

This beautiful farmers’ market offers fruits, vegetables, seafood and fresh fish. The products are very colorful and the scents are divine. This market is located next to the famous Time Out Market, a must-see in Lisbon for a full meal, an afternoon snack or for happy hour. You’ll get to experience food from many famous Portuguese chefs such as Alexandre Silva, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Marlene Vieira, Miguel Castro e Silva and Miguel Laffan, for a reasonable price. You can also purchase preserves, wines and souvenirs.

Psss…There’s actually a Time Out Market opening in Montréal this year.

Stop 4 : Pastelaria Fim de Seculo natas shop

This bakery won a price for the best pastéis de nata in Portugal in 2016. Carlos, Sandra and Claudia say that they are the best natas they have eaten in their life! The bakery Patelaria Fim de Seculo is also a small and typical portuguese coffee shop where locals hangout. Although it is not near the touristic center, the natas are worth the expedition if your schedule allows it!

Stop 5 : Pastéis de Belem bakery

Pastéis de Belem is the oldest natas shop. In 1837, they started making Pastéis de Belem with an old recipe from the Hiéronymites monastery. They still use the same artisanal methods. The decor is charming with walls covered with ancestral hand-painted ceramic.

Stop 6 : Solar dos Presuntos restaurant

One of Lisbon’s most renown restaurants, frequented by many business men/women and politicians. It is very similar to our Ferreira restaurant in Montreal, except that the cuisine is more typical of Portugal as it specializes in dishes from the Minho area. Carlos recommends it specially at lunch time. You’ll enjoy its three floors and five rooms covered with photos of celebrities that visited the restaurant, including Carlos. Will you be able to spot it?

Stop 7 : Cervejaria Ramiro restaurant

Cervejaria Ramiro has been opened for over half a century, and it became an must-go restaurant for seafood. Some of the varieties include crabs, barnacles, lobsters, langoustines, garlic king prawns, and Bulhão Pato style clams! They have options for every budget. They are open from noon to midnight, but it is closed on Mondays. They do not take reservations so be prepared to wait in line.

Stop 8 : Belcanto restaurant

José Avillez opened Belcanto in 2012, the same year he received their first Michelin star. Two years later, the restaurant was awarded a second Michelin star making José Avillez the first chef in Lisbon to receive this honor. If you enjoy long gourmet experiences and tasting menus, this restaurant is for you.

Stop 9 : Sabores do Chiado oyster bar

Oyster lovers will be charmed! You can taste the famous Setubal oysters. Many say that they are the best oysters in the world. In addition, it is a gourmet grocery store and a specialty wine shop. You can buy wine by the glass or choose a bottle on the shelf. They also serve great champagne by the glass at affordable prices, local cheese platters and cold cuts. The owners are passionate by their products and they are very nice.

Stop 10 : Casa Cid restaurant

Right next to Time Out Market, you will find this small family-friendly restaurant serving typical Portuguese cuisine. The staff is friendly and the decor is charming. You’ll feel right at home! It is the perfect restaurant for travelers looking for authenticity at a small price. If the business of Time Out Market is too much for you, go eat at Casa Cid after your visit at the market.

Stop 11 : A Ginjinha bar

A Ginjinha belongs to the same family since 1840 and it is one of Lisbon’s emblem. It’s a liqueur made from morello cherries (ginja in Portuguese), giving it its name. The alcohol is sweet and affordable. A must-go pit-stop when you are in this area. We like to drink it at any time of the day! 😉

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