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Claudia Ferreira


Claudia has been working since 2014 as a hostess and reservation manager at Ferreira, her father’s restaurant. She is so passionate about animals and nature that she dreams of owning her own breeding and agricultural farm one day - her way of contributing to the family business. Since 2016, she has been running the beehive project on Ferreira's roof, an environmental project that is dear to her heart. The Portugal Gourmand project was born from her desire to learn more about the origin of the ingredients that are used in Ferreira Group’s kitchens. She has surrounded herself with an amazing team, composed of Edith and Raphaëlle, to capture these images and experience an unforgettable adventure in Portugal.

Edith Jorisch

Film director

Edith has been working in Montreal as a film director in the cinema, television and advertising industry since 2011. She is most well known for her feature film “L’héritier” (The Heir), which won two Gemeaux awards in 2017. Her passion for visual arts and design, as well as her experience as an artistic director, are both evident in her bodies of work. Whether she is directing fiction or documentaries, Edith’s work always goes beyond the structure of the film as she mainly uses it to serve the narrative of the story.

Raphaelle Rousseau

Producer & camerawoman

Raphaëlle has always been a media content enthusiast, and she has been involved in the Quebec television industry for almost 10 years. She has worked for the production company Trio Orange for over 5 years, where she held several positions within the development team. Raphaëlle took the entrepreneurial path in 2017 by co-founding the agency Content Content. She works as both a video producer and multiplatform strategy consultant, with an emphasis on 360° projects such as Portugal Gourmand.

Sandra Ferreira

Instigator of Portugal Gourmand & Operations Director at Groupe Ferreira

Fascinated by the creativity, dynamism and growth opportunities of the restaurant business, Sandra has been Groupe Ferreira's marketing and operation director since 2014. She and her sister Claudia have been part of the Portugal Gourmand project since day one, jointly coming up with the idea in January of 2017 during a nightcap at the bar of Ferreira restaurant.

Carlos Ferreira

Portugal Gourmand's guide and founder of the Groupe Ferreira

Carlos was born in Estarreja, Portugal and immigrated to Canada in 1976, at the age of 19. Since then, he has made his mission to treat Montrealers with the finest Portuguese culture and gastronomy. Carlos is known for his unfailing passion and through his four restaurants, focuses on quality and ensuring that outstanding experience is always provided.

Carlos is featured in a few episodes of the webseries Portugal Gourmand, specifically appearing in the episodes ''The departure'', “The wine” and “The house”.

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