Sleep in The Best Vineyards in The Douro Valley

Having his own vineyard in the beautiful Douro Valley in Portugal, Carlos Ferreira knows the best vineyards to spend the night. He compiled a list of 6 touristic vineyards that will charm you on your next trip to Portugal.

Quinta da Pacheca

Located in the Douro Valley, Quinta da Pacheca’s vineyard is an essential location for its confort and conviviality. The Wine House Hotel is a luxurious hotel with traditional 18th-century architecture. One of its novelties is the possibility to spend the night in a huge wine barrel instead of a hotel room.

Quinta do Crasto

This vineyard is located near the Douro River since 400 years. The view is splendid! You can stay in this beautiful family-friendly and comfortable hotel. It has a stone terrace which serves as a dining room in the summer. Imagine eating while looking at the incredible view! Wow!

Quinta Nova de N.Sra do Carmo

In addition to being an idyllic spot in Sabrosa, it is the first hostel on a vineyard in Portugal. Its 11 rooms will give you the chance to sleep with a panoramic view of the vineyard and the river. This family estate offers maximum comfort. Between the gardens and the terraces, you’ll find a pool surrounded by vines, a chapel, a restaurant, a winter garden and some orchards.

Hôtel Six Senses

Six Senses Hotel is probably the most expensive hotel of the list and it’s not for nothing! This mansion located on a hill offers a beautiful view of the Douro River and the vineyards on terraces of the Douro Valley. You can sleep in a 19th-century mansion which has been recently renovated. On the agenda : therapeutic spa, swim in an infinity pool and wine tasting.

Quinta do Vallado

Quinta do Vallado offers a mix of traditional and modern elements. This hotel offers you 5 rooms in its 18th-century mansion and 8 rooms in its neighboring contemporary hotel. The modern hotel was designed by the famous architect Francisco Vieira de Campos. You can rent some bikes for the day. Also, some picnic boxes can be prepared if you want to explore the surrounding area!



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