Road Trip From Lisbon To Porto

If you’re planning on visiting Lisbon and Porto in the same trip, there are magnificent destinations to see during your roadtrip in between both cities. Here are the essential stops according to the Ferreira family :

Stop A : Miradouro do Suberco à Nazaré

We recommend making your first stop at the panoramic view of Miradouro do Suberço, in Nazaré. This panoramic view is located 110 meters above the sea with a beautiful view of the beach and the ocean on the horizon. A photo and selfie session is a must!

Arrêt B : Sangalhos

We suggest that you stop in Sangalhos  to visit the museum of the prestigious art collector : Joe Berardo. You can visit the largest private collection of art located in the wine cellars of the Alianca house.

Arrêt C : Rei Dos Leitoes

Nearby Alianca’s wine house, the restaurant Rei Dos Leitoes will welcome you and make you live a unique culinary experience. They serve the region’s speciality : suckling pig. You’ve got to try it!

From here, you only have 100 km left before arriving in Porto. Safe drive!

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