Easy On The Eyes - And The Wallet! : @Mzelle.Ferreira's Favorite Restaurants

Claudia Ferreira reveals the restaurants that marked her stay in Portugal. There are authentic restaurants where you can get away with a small bill!

Bairro do Avillez

This restaurant is located in the Chiado neighborhood in Lisbon. It has a few sections which are decorated in different styles. They offer a “tapas style” formula which let you taste small typical Portuguese dishes. It is the perfect restaurant before going out, since it has a festive ambiance! Don’t forget to reserve a table!

Taberna da Rua das Flores

This tiny tavern offers a creative menu that changes every day. It serves a traditional Portuguese cuisine with exotic touches. They accept cash only and they don’t take any reservations.

Cervejaria Ramiro

With more than half a century of existence, it’s an unavoidable stop to enjoy seafood! There is a large variety of seafood from Portugal’s troubled waters. You’ll find options for every budget. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday until midnight. They don’t take any reservation, so be prepare to wait in line no matter when you go. You should still go without hesitation!

Noélia e Jerónimo

They make the best lemon and fish rice in the world without any doubt! The restaurant is located in front of Ria Formosa, at Cabanas de Tavira. The food is simple and authentic. The restaurant is an open space with a big terrace. It is preferable to reserve to be sure of getting a table.

O Camilo

This restaurant is located at the top of a cliff in Lagos. North of Ponta da Piedade, it is located above the picturesque beach of Praia do Camilo. They serve excellent seafood platters and freshly caught whole fish. The restaurant is luminous and it has a big terrace. It is the perfect place to have a glass of rosé wine and then go have a nap on the shaded beach.

Sr. Frango

People that have traveled to Portugal often tell us that it’s almost impossible to find a Portuguese chicken restaurant in Portugal. Indeed, we probably find more rotisseries in Montreal than Lisbon. At Sr. Frango, they make excellent piri-piri chicken. We can say that it is in the same race than the chicken you can find at Campo ! The restaurant is located in Almancil, Algarve.

Rei dos Leitões

“Rei does Leitões”, which means “the king of piglets”, lives up to its name! Suckling pig is the typical dish in the Bairrada region. It’s the perfect stop on your road from Lisbon to Porto. A must in Portugal!

Onda sol

This seafood restaurant (marisqueira in Portuguese) it located near the sea, 15 minutes from Carlos Ferreira’s hometown, where the episode #10 – The Family Home of the web serie Portugal Gourmand was filmed. The food is delicious and Victor, the owner, always makes us feel at home. It’s the perfect place to eat grilled sardines, small shrimps, river eels, barnacles, stuffed crab shells and many other freshly caught products of the sea!

Adega São Nicolau

This restaurant is located near the river in the touristic center of Porto. The tables on the terrace are near a tiny alley dotted with stones. The restaurant’s interior is similar to Porto’s wine caves. You can eat good seafood and grilled fish.




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