Matosinhos : The Fishing Town near Porto!

Damiao Santos is part of the big Ferreira family since 2017 when he took the reins of the Ferreira restaurant as the director. We are lucky to have him among us! Damiao grew up in Matosinhos, Portugal. He told us that his city is known for the best fish in the world. At the age of 17, Damiao immigrated to Montreal. He has remarkable experiences in the restaurant industry. Even though he adores Montreal, he returns to Portugal almost every year with his family. Follow his recommendations of restaurants, bars, hotels, beaches and attractions to discover Matosinhos like a real Portuguese!


O Valentim

This restaurant offers excellent fish and seafood and it has a magnificent rooftop terrace. It is located on Rua Herois de Franca.

Lage do Senhor do Padrao

This family-style restaurant has a nice old home setting. It is on Rua Herois de Franca.

Dom Peixe

Also located on Rua Herois de Franca, there are fish and seafood to suit all tastes!

Terminal 4450

Terminal 4450 is located inside Leixoes’ sea port. On Leca da Palmeirait is the best steakhouse!

O Gaveto

Located on Rua Roberto Ivens, it is one of the oldest restaurant in this town. You can find a large variety of sea products of high quality.

Casa Serrao

Located on Rua Herois de Francayou can eat sardines grilled to perfection.


The 4 following bars are located on Matosinhos beach. They are great to have a drink, eat a small bite and enjoy the sun and the breathtaking view of the sea!


Ondas do Mar


Lais de Guia


O Valentim

Here is one of newest hotels in town. It is nice and affordable.

Porto Mar

Porto Mar is the oldest hotel of the city, but it has been renovated. It is located in the heart of the city next to a metro station.

Urban Hotel Amadeos

This modern hotel is convenient for travellers, since it is a 12 minutes walk to the beach and a 2 minutes walk from the Camara de Matosinhos metro station.

D’el Rei Residencial

Located on the main street, Rua Brito Capelonext to a metro station, the location of this hotel is ideal.

Casa do Godinho

This hotel is an old house with a nice decor.


These beautiful beaches have all received the “blue flag”, a certification given for the quality and cleanliness of the water.

Praia de Matosinhos

There is a surf school!

Praia de Leça

Praia do Aterro

Very nice for surfing!

Praia da Memória


Port de croisière de Porto de Leixoes

The cruise port, Terminal de cruzeiros in Portuguese, of Porto de Leixoes has a beautiful architecture looking like an unrolling ribbon. With a budget exceeding 50 millions euros, it is one of the most important public projects in the region. It is open to the public on Sundays. You can also reserve cruises on the Douro river.

Castelo do Queijo

Castelo do Queijo means castle of the cheese in English. It has this name since it is built on a rock that reminds of a cheese wheel.

Aquarium Sea Life Porto

For lovers of sea creatures!

Sculpture Anénoma

This sculpture, designed by American sculptor Janet Echelman, pays tribute to the fishermen of Matosinhos.

Parc municipal Quinta da Conceição

Gorgeous park for a romantic picnic!

Phare Farol da Boa Nova

Farol da Boa Nova is the second highest lighthouse in Portugal! There are guided tours every Wednesday.

Marché Mercado Municipal

You should go to this market in the morning to observe the fish vendors at work!

Monumento Tragedia no Mar

This monument was built to pay tribute to the shipwreck that happened in 1947 where 152 fishermen lost their lives.

Don’t forget to support the local soccer team Leixoes Sport Club, which is the best team in the world according to Damiao!


Crédit Photo: Terminal 4450

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