Gourmet North - The Ferreira's Travel Guide

Carlos shares with us his favorite stops on his way from Lisbon to his vineyard in the Douro Valley. From the Ovos Moles factory in Alveiro (egg-based pastries) to the suckling pig in Bairrada, it is truly a gastronomic road. You’ll get to enjoy a seafood feast in Torreira, a Port tasting at Ferreira’s shop and many more yummy adventures!

Stop 1 : The Douro Valley

Why should you absolutely visit the Douro Valley? Simply because the landscape is so incredible, even a picture cannot make you feel the beauty of it! A large part of the region is part of Unesco’s World Heritage. Every corner of this land has been shaped by the hands of men more than 2000 years ago. Besides, it’s in the Douro Valley that Carlos Ferreira’s accomplished his dream of having is vineyard where he produces his own wine.

Stop 2 : The City of Nazaré

This city is known for its fishing port, its beautiful golden beaches and its neighborhood perched on top of a cliff overlooking the city and the ocean. Moreover, this city is world renowned for its surf! In fact, it’s there that famous surfer, Rodrigo Koxa, broke the world record for surfing on the biggest wave ever. We suggest going to the viewing area Miradouro do Superco to observe the huge waves crashing against the rocks. Mother nature offers a real show!

Stop 3 : The restaurant Onda sol

This seafood restaurant (marisqueira in Portuguese) it located near the sea, 15 minutes from Carlos Ferreira’s hometown, where the episode #10 – The Family Home of the web serie Portugal Gourmand was filmed. The food is delicious and Victor, the owner, always makes us feel at home. It’s the perfect place to eat grilled sardines, small shrimps, river eels, barnacles, stuffed crab shells and many other freshly caught products of the sea!

Stop 4 : The City of Aveiro

Aveiro is a city in the Centro Region of Portugal which has a network of water channels through which moliceiros (local boats) travel. People name it the Venice of Portugal. It is a colorful and authentic Portuguese city. With lots of local life, it is very dynamic! If you want to visit Aveiro, we suggest reading another entry from our Portugal travel guide : Top 5 Restaurants in Aveiro According to Carlos Ferreira.

Stop 5 : Ovos Moles Pastry Shop in Aveiro

This pastry shop specializes in Ovos Moles, a sweet treat made with egg yolks, which was invented more than 500 years ago by nuns of Aveiro’s convent. You must try it! This pastry shop is located very close to the sea which has inspired the pastry chefs to give different shapes to the pastry related to the sea and the fishing life : shellfishes, razor clams, fishes… Every one is a piece of art! The factory is located in the heart of Aveiro.

Stop 6 : Costa Nova Beach

Prepare your outfits and get out your phone or camera, because the colorful houses along the beach will make you want to pose for some photos! Those houses were traditionally used by fishmen to keep their fishing equipment, but now they are used as vacation houses. Located on the beach, they face the beautiful sea with their vivid colors! If you pass by Aveiro, you must stop there. There are also two amazing beaches close by, hidden by sand dunes.

Stop 7: The restaurant Rei dos Leitões

“Rei does Leitões”, which means “the king of piglets”, lives up to its name! Suckling pig is the typical dish in the Bairrada region. It’s the perfect stop on your road from Lisbon to Porto. A must in Portugal!

Stop 8 : Porto Ferreira’ Wine House

With more than 250 years of wine and port production, this wine house has as beautiful story to tell. It was a woman who was at the head of the company, which was extremely rare at the time. They called her “Ferreirinha” which means “the small Ferreira”. You can visit the port caves and participate in a tasting activity. We suggest doing a private guided tour.

Stop 9 : The City of Estarreja

Estarreja is the hometown of Carlos Ferreira and his family. It’s an authentic village, with a strong local life and an unquestionable charm. There is a big farmers’ market in the city’s center offering very fresh and delicious products. Estarreja is located only 25 minutes away from Aveiro, 45 minutes away from Porto and 15 minutes away from Torreira’s beach. There is no excuse not to visit!


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