A Roadtrip In The South - The Ferreira's Travel Guide

Here are the Ferreira’s must stops in the South of Portugal. There is something for everyone in Alentejo and Algarve!

Stop 1 : Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is a holiday resort in the Alentejo region. It is a real paradise in the middle of nowhere. This estate is an absolute favorite for the Ferreira’s.

The vineyard

The buildings are surrounded by long rows of vines and rose bushes. The Soares family’s mission is to use as few pesticides as possible and to treat the vineyards in a natural manner. The labels on the bottles are drawn by the new generation of the Soares family. The kids have named the wines and designed the labels with love. Also, the first plant of the vineyard was planted by Francisca, the first girl of the family’s new generation.

The restaurant

The restaurant located in the wine cave, Wine & Gourmet, offers a high-end cuisine with fresh products and contemporary adaptations of Alentejo’s flavours. If you reserve in advance, you can order traditional Alentejo meals, such as chicken offals, partridge rice, Alentejano stew and many others!

The restaurant is directed by Joachim Koerper, who prepares seasonal menus inspired by Alentejo’s gastronomy. His philosophy is simple : always use local, natural and fresh ingredients! While remaining rooted in tradition, his cuisine is bright, elegant, modern and innovative.

The hotel

Located in the magnificient landscape of Alentejo, Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is a traditional house in the region that incorporated modern elements to its decor.

Malhadinha offers outstanding experiences. You can cook with a renowned chef, learn the art of photography, paint, discover different wine types, do horseback riding, rent bicycles to visit the property and many more activities!

The rooms are spacious, comfortable and very beautiful. There is an interior spa and a pool with a view of the vineyard. Breakfast is delicious and you can also have lunch and supper at their restaurants.

The stable

They raise Lusitano horses, a Portuguese horse breed. They have many broodmares, some stallions and a few foals. Every spring, many foals are born in their stable. Visitors can pat the horses during their stay!

The farm

Plants and animals grow up freely with few interference from humans at Malhadinha Nova. They raise cows, Iberian pigs, chickens, sheep and they also have a small honey production. To fulfill their restaurants, they have olive trees and an organic garden.

Stop 2 : Gigi restaurant

Gigi’s restaurant is located in the city Quinta do Lago, the celebrities’ vacation village! The floral arrangements are splendid and there are many golf courses, high-end restaurants, luxury retail shops and beautiful hotels. The beaches are accessible by bridges over the lagoon. The smell of sun dried marine seaweed and the picturesque scenery make it a very enjoyable walk to the beach! To reach the golden sand beach, you need to walk 500 meters on a bridge standing above the Ria Formosa Natural Reserve. Carlos Ferreira’s favorite restaurant, Gigi, is located at the extremity of this wooden bridge in a fishermen’s hut adorned with yellow sun umbrellas. If you have the chance to dine at Gigi, you need to try the carabineros shrimps, because they cook them to perfection! (PS: The bill can reach a higher price point!)

Stop 3 : Surf Praia de Porto Mós

Portugal is the perfect destination for surfers of all levels because there is a great diversity of waves. If you are planning to do a road trip along Portugal’s coast and if you want to learn to surf, the beach Praia de Porto Mós is perfect for beginners. This beach is only a few minutes drive from the center of Lagos.You will find surf schools on the beach where you can rent some equipment.

Stop 4 : Carrapateira city

Carrapateira is a destination of choice for surfers! It’s the perfect moment to learn how to surf. Many schools offer a board rental service and they teach classes. It is a place far away from everything with plenty of room for adventure. This small town is located at the extremity of the Western point of Algarve. Big cliffs, splendid landscapes and beaches as far as the eye can see are waiting for you. For camping lovers, there are many camping sites near the sea and some camping vans rental companies.

Stop 5 : Lagos

Lagos is a very active city during the day or night. It’s impossible to get bored! This city is located near multiple cliffs. The beaches bounded by the rocks are more than “instagramable”! The sand is golden, the water is clear and there are many rocks that create some shade for a perfect rest. From Lagos, you can go to Ponta da Piedade, which is a rock formation with cliffs that can go up to 45 meters in height. It is as beautiful to observe from the top as from the sea! At Ponta da Piedade, the cliffs carved in the rock are home to tunnels and secret caves. You can visit them by small boat or kayak. We suggest going by kayak, because it’s a great activity to do some exercise and you can reach some caves where boats don’t have access.There are restaurants of different types of cuisine in Lagos, so there is something for everyone. The only drawback we find is the lack of authenticity caused by mass tourism. It’s still a must-see city!


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